Our on-line database contains several thousand opportunities to serve all around the world. You can either search the whole database, or look in the sections below..
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Current UK vacancies with Christian charities, churches and businesses.
The majority are salaried full-time positions, unless stated otherwise, and listed within CV’s JobFile publication.

Click here for Mission Matters
A list of positions with Christian mission organisations working worldwide, including tentmaking opportunities.
Generally, these positions are for a minimum of 2 years.
The basis of appointment varies from agency to agency.
Click here for the Short Term Service Directory
Opportunities in the UK and worldwide from one week to two years with Christian agencies and churches for people of all ages. Includes gap year, summer teams, study electives and hundred’s of general service opportunities.
The majority of these are self-funded, but with guidance and advice provided from the organising agency.
Click here for High Time
A variety of specific voluntary service needs, for all ages, both in the UK and worldwide. These can be one-off, occasional or regular positions; temporary or part-time, local (within the UK) or international. High Time is a project within this field especially established to promote voluntary opportunities suitable for those over 50.

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