These are just a sample of the free questionnaires we offer within our services. Please take a look, and then check out Designate for some more detailed versions.

1 Career Check up
Examining your reaction to and satisfaction with your current job.,

3 Kids have gifts too
You don't have to be an adult to be gifted! This is a programme to allow "kids" to reflect on their interests and abilities. (Suitable perhaps for those 8-13 years. But that depends on the maturity of each "kid" - or the adult who is helping them!),

4 My Role in Mission
There are different role in enabling mission, not just those who "go". This short exercise helps reflect on the part you may play in the teamwork of mission,

5 Me and My Church
Questions to help you reflect on the level of your involvement and commitment to the local church.,

6 Me and My Ministry
Are you questioning whether God is calling you "out" from where you are to enter some form of overt Christian ministry? The short exercise tries to help your reflect on various factors which might indicate whether I should be seriously pursuing this.,

7 Team Leadership
Reflecting on your team leadership strengths and weaknesses