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banner advertising

...... available to recognised ministries on CV’s site

CV offers various banner advertising options, to enable you to:

  • Highlight a job vacancy
  • Profile an event, a resource, a service or an organisation.
    Banners can be placed in three positions on CV’s site. Each one offering different exposure levels to guests visiting the site.

    If you have questions, please read on.
    If you are familiar with CV’s rates and expectations and wish to proceed direct to apply for a banner advert, please click on one of the following links:

    Top Banner

    Top Banners
    These are located at the top of each page (see illustration on right and example at top of page). Every time a new page is opened, a new banner is rotated into this space.

    Footer Banner

    Footer Banners
    On the pages where guests search for UK, short term or mission opportunities a banner can be located. This will show every time this page is displayed. These are fixed position banners.

    Side Banners
    Side Banner Appearing down the right hand column of every page on CV’s site (with the exception of the home page) and affords the highest visibility to visitors to the site. These are fixed, and can be static or animated. (See details on format.)


  • All job banners will be linked straight to the job details on CV’s site, from where individuals can email you direct.
  • General banners for events, resources, services, or promotion, can be linked direct to your own site.


    What does it cost?
    Job Banners - click for rates
    General Banners - click for rates

    How long is a banner posted on the site?
    Your choice. The basic level is for 10 days, but options are available for 10, 20, 30, 60 or 90 days. (See banner rates.)

    Can we submit a banner for inclusion?
    Yes. The price for the standard job banner includes a generic banner created by us, but if you wish to create and use your own banner then you are able to, provided it is web ready and of correct dimensions and format.

    For all general banners, we expect you to provide the web ready graphic file. (See requirements listed later.)

    What are the dimensions and acceptable formats?

  • Top banner: 468 x 60 pixels (max 100dpi)
  • Footer or Side banner: 125 x 152 pixels (max 100dpi)
  • Static banners need to be web ready in gif or jpg format.
  • Animated banners need to be web ready in gif or swf format.

    If you wished to enquire about banner advertising please contact CV’s office on 01926 487755, or email info@christianvocations.org

    Proceed to register jobs and/or banner?


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