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agency profiles

Agency Profiles

Either using a link from a job advert, or by accessing a list of agencies on CV’s site, users are able to view all jobs listed with your organisation, or to view a small profile of your ministry and work.

A “profile” consists of some pop-up windows that provide brief pictorial and textual presentations of your work under the headings of Profile – Encounter (usually a testimony or portrait of work you’re engaged in) – Activities (ways people can serve with your ministry) – Contact Details.

We are happy to provide this service free to all those who advertise through our site, not just to enhance their profile for visitors online, but provide a suitable introduction for enquirers using CV’s web site when it is offline at one of the UK’s major Christian events.

If you wish to take up this free offer, please contact CV’s office on +44 (0)1926 487755, or email paul@christianvocations.org for details.

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