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JobFile (UK Vacancies)

Many Christians searching for their way forward in service contact CV for help. We are uniquely placed to provide information and advice on the options available.

To help YOU recruit staff we will advertise and promote your vacancies in different ways, as detailed in note 2 (below).

The link to the Registration Form can be found at the top and bottom of this page.

Each UK position registered with us remains active for three months, unless an earlier closing date is specified. CV's service package includes the following 4 elements:

1. JobFile is the generic name that covers both online advertising of UK vacancies (see JobFile on the Web)as well as a PDF publication distributed bi-weekly. In it's PDF form it is sent to individuals seeking Christian employment, as well as to churches, colleges and Christian bookshops. All UK vacancies registered are also distributed to individuals by email who are registered with the jobfile4uUservice. (See below.)

JobFile covers all areas of Christian work in the UK - Business and Administration, Social Care, Youth work etc. A brief job description as well as contact details are provided, enabling individuals to contact the organisation direct.

2. JobFile on the Web: All vacancies are hosted on CV’s web site, which is visited by up to 10,000 users each month. Statistics show that over 90% visit the site with intent, exploring the vacancies listed. Search facilities enable users to locate the positions by location, type, title or suitable key words. Email enquiries / applications can be generated direct to you from this site.

3. JobFile4U / Database Search: CV's database comprises hundreds individuals specifically seeking employment opportunities in the UK. Each will automatically receive notification by email of any new vacancy the day it is registered if it is a position in which they have expressed an interest. (For those without email facility, we undertake a search exercise of our database, and notify them by post where there are suitable matches between their registered interests and the new position.)

4. Banner Advertising: Organisations can increase their profile by purchasing a Banner advert on our website, for periods from 10 to 90 days. Each banner will display the Job Title, Location and Agency name and directly link any enquirer to the job profile and contact details. This feature is optional (see note 2 below).

Who is the service for?
Although our primary field of expertise is in the area involving Christian ministry we recognise that Christians in business also wish to recruit from within our focused constituency, which is primarily evangelical Christians. [See Note 1]

How much does it cost?
As you will see, our constituency and activities offer you a precisely targeted audience. Vacancies registered with us in this way are ‘published’ for three months, or until your closing date if sooner. From the closing date or end of the 90 day period the vacancy is removed unless otherwise instructed.

100 per vacancy for Registered Charities / Churches (from May 1st 2010)
0 + VAT per vacancy for Companies
NB 20% discount available to members of Global Connections.
NB These figures are for a job description of up to 75 words (MAX). Contact details are in addition to this.
Where a job description exceeds 75 words, a sliding scale of charges will be applied. (See below.)
Registration Fees - click for rates.

Additional Banner advertising is available:
Job and Banners - click for rates.

Note 1.
Christians in Business:- we would define this as a company or practice where the senior executive / partner or majority of directors are Christian and can agree with the EA statement of faith, and is seeking to operate their business in a manner honouring to God.
[In offering this service to such ‘Christian led’ businesses, we also confirm our commitment against discrimination in the work place, and refer employers to the European Equal Treatment Directive (565) relating to positions where faith is an ‘occupational requirement’.]

Note 2.
Banner Advertising operates parallel with the publication of the job. Vacancies received before 2pm on any working day (subject to volume demanded) CV will provide:
(i) immediate web site hosting
(ii) database search and email circulation within the next available working day
(iii) published and circulated in a PDF document, JobFile
(iv) If applied for, an immediate banner advert, up within one working day of registration.