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Information For Organisations

CV - a ministry of Global Connections - works in partnership with GC member agencies, UK Christian charities, churches and Christian led businesses in ...
  1. Personnel recruitment
  2. Providing help and advice on vocational issues
  3. Joint initiatives to raise the profile and challenge of service and mission today

Using our web site and major publications we desire to work with you and for you.
Global Connections is a registered Christian charity and as such serves Christian organisations, churches and businesses.

UK vacancies - part or full time (permanent) positions ..... jobfile 

  • You can register a position online, or contact the office to have the details and forms sent to you electronically or by post. (Jobs will usually appear online within 24 hours from registration, during the working week.)
  • Current costs for registrations and banners are provided when you register.
  • registering with jobfile offers 3 avenues of promoting your vacancy.
    1. posting on the web, with thousands of visitors per month
    2. printed and distributed in jobfile to bookshops, colleges and churches
    3. an automatic search and email notification to any individual who have registered their interest in this type of position

Short Term Service opportunities / programmes - in the STS Directory and online 

  • These positions are usually updated in a 12 month cycle - from November each year when the STS Directory is published.
  • Details can be amended at any time - FREE - by notifying the office
  • You are able to add new ones at any time.
    For those in the current STS directory the charge is just £15 per new programme.
    For those not in the STS the charge is £15 per programme per month for the remainder of the cycle for the first programme. £5 for each additional programme. (e.g. An entry in Jan = 10 months @ £15)
Long Term Mission opportunities (outside the UK) - in Mission Matters and online 

  • These positions are usually updated in a 12 month cycle - from April each year when Mission Matters is published.
  • For those included in Mission Matters you are able to include an unlimited number of positions during the 12 month period - add or amend at any time. (Please contact the office for details on how to submit details.)

Voluntary Opportunities / Needs 

  • Voluntary positions are registered for 90 days from £25 / opportunity.
  • These needs are publicised on CV's site, emailed to individuals and printed in one edition of jobfile.

Training Courses / Programmes 

For an annual fee of just £90 your training organisation will:
  • be published on the site for 12 months
  • be listed by subject e.g. youth, theology, counselling, etc. to aid enquirers
  • have profile pages about its ministry and training programmes
  • have a link to your own web site from this profile
  • have these details available in a printed format at some of the national events where CV works

In different ways Global Connections seeks to partner service agencies in a variety of co-operative events and initiatives in the common cause of presenting the challenge and opportunities of Christian service to God’s people. If there are initiatives and activities fitting this objective you would like to discuss, please contact CV / Global Connections on 01926 487755.

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