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Tentmaking ... some resources

The Challenge of Tentmaking booklet
The Challenge of Tentmaking
A 16 page booklet to help you to understand and practise tentmaking. You can download from TASK website http://www.taskgb.co.uk or order a hard copy from TASK (by direct link on this site) or Global Connections (Caswell Road, Sydenham Industrial Estate, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 1QF.)

Tentmaking: A Way of Life
A 15 minute DVD answering your questions on tentmaking, its role, challenges in today's world (3.50 from TASK or Global Connections, address above).


Books and Papers on Tentmaking:

Business & Mission Image
Tentmaking: Business and Mission
Patrick Lai Authentic Books com. 2005

Avoiding the Tentmaker Trap
Dan Gibson WEC International (Canada) 1997

Penetrating Missions' Final Frontier
Tetsunao Yamamori IVP 1993

Tentmaking Missionaries
Principles of Business and Employment for our Lord Jesus Christ.
Missionary Training Service 1995 (obtainable from Rev Ian Benson, flat 5, Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6BS)

God's New Envoys
Tetsunao Yamamori, Portland, OR: Multnomah Press, 1987.
Many countries in the world are closed to "traditional" missionary work. Yamamori presents the challenge and the strategies to reach these 3.5 billion unreached people.

Tentmakers Speak
Don Hamilton, Duarte, CA: TMQ Research, 1987.
After detailed research among tentmakers from all over the world, Hamilton compiles their thoughts, feelings, and insights on tentmaking into a very readable format. A must for those considering tentmaking ministry.

Working Your Way to the Nations: A Guide to Effective Tentmaking
Jonathan Lewis, editor, Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 1993.
This manual is an outstanding resource for Tentmakers and those considering tentmaking. In a workbook style, the manual addresses topics like: what it takes to be a tentmaker, spiritual readiness for cross-cultural ministry, personal preparation, evangelism and discipleship skills, field dynamics, intercultural adjustments, and accountability structures.

Twentieth Century Tentmakers by Buzzard, Hinton & Price
Four essays on the need, challenges, motivation and biblical mandate of tentmaking.

Getting A Job Done Right by Banks and Preece
Eight studies on developing a biblical perspective of work.
Publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
A Reader which includes the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic Perspectives of Ministry.
Publisher: William Carey Library Pub

Scamps, Scholars and Saints by Jill and Roger Dyer (Vol 1)
A collection of stories, poems and drawings giving insight into the world of missionary children.
Publisher: MK MERIMA

And Bees Make Honey by Jill and Roger Dyer (Vol 2)
More stories, poems and drawings from missionary children.
Publisher: MK MERIMA


Tentmaker Training!

"Light to the Nations"

Intensive 4 1/2 day training in integrating work and witness in order to make disciples in needy cultures. Designed both for those going and those considering tentmaking, this unique program helps you prepare to be effective overseas. Topics include Biblical and contemporary rationale, the international job market, job acquisition, workplace evangelism, evangelistic Bible studies, church planting, cross-cultural bonding, team building, and home church relationship. Inexpensive housing and meals are available at the US Center for World Mission.
To register or learn more, check out Global Opportunities on the web
at http://www.globalopps.org/
or email ltn@globalopps.org


International Training Network is Europe's only Christian TESOL / TEFL teacher training centre dedicated to mission, offering the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON CERTIFICATE IN TESOL.
Email: itnet@globalnet.co.uk
Website: www.internationaltraining.net


Go World And Tentmaking
Free Tentmaking Periodical Via Email
GO World is the only periodical that focuses on tentmaking - it's power, challenges, successes, impact and questions. Each quarterly issue contains tentmaker stories, articles on tentmaking and missions, a country profile, and highlights of God's work in the world. Now you can subscribe to the email text only version for free.

Of course you can also go to the Global Opportunities website and subscribe to the hardcopy version, but note that it is free to US residents only. For more info contact info@globalopps.org
or visit www.globalopps.org]
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