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Vocation Resources

Helping you explore your potential

Different resources and tools to help you reflect on the person you are and become the person God created.

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designate - a personal consultation

Exploring who you are in God and where He might be leading you?

Designate is a programme offering insight, teaching, help and advice for Christians who desire to examine their gifts, calling and options for the future in God’s service.


  • one-on-one interview with a professional advisor
  • reflective exercises on gifts and abilities.
  • studies on guidance, gifts and calling

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reflective activities

Some online exercises you can use to look at different aspects of you and your service


  • career check up
  • kids have gifts too
  • me and my church
  • my focus in mission
  • team leadership

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Recognise the need to be better equipped for service?

Explore some of the options within a Christian environment from some of the UK's top training providers in areas like ...
.... youth work
.... pastoral ministry
.... TEFL
.... mission
.... theology
.... children's ministry

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A series of leaflets / guidelines about a variety of topics that you can simply read online, or download to read or print at your leisure.


  • preparing a curriculum vitae
  • personal support (what is it?)
  • preparing for mission
  • nothing to offer
  • ... and others

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