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reignite mission personnel event

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A retreat for mission families,
couples and singles.

Saturday 31st May - Friday 6th June 2014.

Once again Global Connections is pleased to be running a week's event for mission personnel who are on home leave in the UK - in partnership with OMF and endorsed by Keswick Ministries.

Location & Programme:
Set in the beautiful north Shropshire countryside, the event will be based at Cloverley Hall Christian Conference Centre. The programme is designed to provide a balance of Bible teaching, practical sessions on issues like transition, communication, coping with stress, etc, and refreshing relaxation.

There is also a programme created and run specifically for TCK/MK children..

Cloverley Hall

Cloverley Hall provides space for all our needs ...

  • Bedrooms for singles, couples or families.
  • Dining and lounge facilities
  • Teaching space, and quiet space
  • Recreation - indoors and out
  • Full Board - Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Adult ............ 250*
12-18 yrs ..... 170
5-11 yrs ....... 130
< 5 yrs .......... 75

* A 20 early booking discount is available on all adult bookings received before 1st February 2014


  1. You can submit a booking online through the Global Connections website re:ignite booking
  2. Alternatively, download a PDF booking form here

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Image Typical Day

What goes on in a typical day at re:ignite?
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What have other delegates said of re:ignite?

  1. "The whole week has been a blessing. Time out to reflect. Time to hear from God."
  2. "A safe place to grieve, process, dream, hope, chat, pray and pick ourselves up again. Thank you so much."
  3. (A TCK's response) "When can we go back there?"
  4. "We just felt really cared for, served, loved and ministered to. The amount of effort that went into everything was beyond the call of duty."
  5. Did it meet your expectations? "More so – wonderful. Thank you."
  6. "This has been a fabulous week. It has been so good to have this time to step aside from busyness, and other people’s expectations, and to meet with God."
  7. "Thank you. Thank you. A great week. Very helpful. Feeling renewed in my walk with the Lord."
  8. "Thank you. I will highly recommend it to fellow missionaries. It was such a privilege to have a week of input combined with care of such a high standard."
  9. "When it was suggested that we came to this retreat, I prayed about it and felt we had to be here. Now I have seen the confirmation of why that was. This was the perfect place for us at this time."

If you have queries about any aspect of the retreat, please contact the Global Connections office
T: +44 (0)1926 487755 E: Global Connections