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Christian Vocations is a ministry of Global Connections

Within the Global Connections team, there are some who are specifically dedicated to the services of Christian Vocations.

Paul Lindsay
Paul Lindsay
Paul has been leading CV’s ministry since 1989. Besides a public itinerant role teaching and preaching in the areas of service, gifting, mission, etc., he is specifically responsible for the oversight of services offered to individuals and organisations and CV’s web site, particularly concentrating on providing vocational help for Christians.

Jo Goode
Jo Jowett
Jo has specific responsibilities in promotion, communications and resources. She is responsible for editing CV’s publications and involvement in some of the major UK Christian events and joint initiative ventures.

Bev Lindsay
Bev Lindsay
Bev administers CV’s services, liaising with organisations and churches regarding job advertising and the collation and production of major publications like Mission Matters and the Short Term Service Directory.

For a full list of the Global Connections team, click on the following link:Global Connections - Who's Who?

Voluntary Advisors:

In addition to the office based team, CV is privileged to have many voluntary advisors we can call on if required, for face-to-face interviews and advice. All are mature Christians who have / are engaged in some form of Christian ministry. Many are actively engaged in ministry in the UK with churches, mission organisations or other Christian charities. Some are actively engaged in normal ‘tent-making’ roles in industry, commerce, etc.

We recognise that without their partnership and assistance CV’s functioning could not be as effective in helping guide and release many of God’s people into God’s work.

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