Further Information Guidelines:

This series of leaflets have been produced to address specific issues which people face at various points in their lives. We have provided a number in PDF format, enabling you to download them free of charge. Alternatively, if you wished to obtain a set of them for use in your church, you can find these in the Resources section.

The first paragraph of each leaflet is shown here - to view the whole leaflet please click on the heading. Where there is a PDF version, it will open the document in that format.

(Generally, "Guidelines" are produced in a landscape format, designed to be 2 sides of A4, folded to an A5 leaflet once printed.)

Nothing To Offer
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No Place in Christian Service?!
"I'd like to be involved in Christian service but ..." How do you finish this sentence? Perhaps you're reading this leaflet because you can complete it all too easily ..... The Bible clearly states that every Christian has a part to play and that your part is essential to the God's work (1 Cor. 12:27). So if you think you have nothing to offer, read on, and be ready to let God change your mind.
Call and Guidance
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What does God want for our lives?
Coming to an understanding of God's call takes time. It's something we continue to work on throughout our lives as we seek to remind ourselves, and are reminded by God, of both our 'primary' and our 'secondary' calling.
Curriculum Vitae - for a Christian organisation.
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A portrait of yourself for potential employers
Preparing a CV for a potential employer is a vital aspect of any application. Here are some ideaas and guidelines that will help you prepare a good and effecive CV.
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Using your profession as a platform for service
The call of Jesus to His first disciples required them to leave their nets and livelihood behind. Many never returned to their professions. Paul favoured a modified approach of plying a trade on some of his missionary journeys. His 'tentmaking' relieved the infant church of a finacial burden and gave him the opportunity to model his faith in the workplace.
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No work doesn't mean no use!
Many experience it, and many fear it. The label of ‘redundant’ or ‘unemployed’ carries a social stigma - a feeling of being rejected as unwanted and useless. Some may lose their self-respect as they become unable to earn a living. Others may have an initial feeling of relief, and financial worries may less, if they have received a good redundancy package. Here are some ideas on how to make the time work for you.
Short Term Service
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No Easy Option
One of the most exciting developments in mission in recent years has been the growth of short-term service (STS). It now accounts for 10% of the total missionary workforce from Britain and presents a serious challenge to get involved in demanding and rewarding mission service.
Goals in Extra Time
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Opportunities for the over 50s
Many employers tend to think of those over fifty as being suitable for redundancy or early retirement. The Bible encourages us to think somewhat differently! Many outstanding men and women of faith began their most important and enduring service at an older age.
a way into mission
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Taking the first steps.
People sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of Christian agencies and churches working in cross-cultural ministry, and find it very difficult to choose between them. We hope that this leaflet will help you to know where to start and clarify your thinking as you go along.
Leaving School
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Still at school - but already thinking?
Still at school but already think God might want you to work in mission? God can call people into new areas of service at any time in their life. God's call to us can at times surprise us and we are left wondering how to respond. This leaflet gives some practical ideas on how to prepare to answer the call to work overseas, whatever age you are.
Personal Support
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What does this mean?
Most Christian organisations depend on donations to allow them to function and pay their staff. An increasing number now ask their staff to help directly in finding some or all of the funds needed for their particular part of the ministry. This is normally called raising personal support.