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frequently asked questions about designate

How long is my registration valid?
There is no specific statutory period for ‘design ate' programme to be completed. However, we would anticipate the consultation to be undertaken within a month of your registration. Online access to the study files etc. will remain available for 3 months.

What happens if circumstances prevent me completing in the period allowed?
We recognise the one-2-one interview is at the heart of this service, yet have included other resources to help you in your reflection. If there are unexpected circumstances that mean you will not be able to complete these associated activities within the provisional 3 months, you need to contact the CV office to explain. Registration can be extended on request.

Can designate be completed as a couple?
We are very happy if a couple work through this process together. The only area where you might consider working individually is with the reflective exercises. If this is something desirable, please contact the CV office when you register. ( )

Can this be done without a personal face-to-face meeting?
While desirable, we recognise that these days a 'virtual meeting' via a tool like Skype, can be effective, especially when geography and mutual availability might make such a personal meeting difficult. So, we're happy to consider this option if it seems to be the best solution.

Can I complete the reflective exercises / questionnaires offline?
Yes, this is possible. In this case you will have to download PDF copies of the questionnaires, complete them and forward the summary scores by email to the office ( ). We will then enter your scores into you records and forward your results and summary to you. This will incur a small additional administrative surcharge.

Do I need complete the exercises and/or studies before meeting an advisor?
In principle, no. We recognise that the heart of designate focuses around a face-to-face consultation. The exercises and studies are there for your benefit, enabling you to both affirm your strengths and consider what God, through the Bible, might say on such issues.
We specify that the period allocated is up to 3 months, which would certainly enable you to continue using the studies as a further means of reflection at this important time of transition.

Do I need a reference at any stage in designate?
Generally speaking, no. However, we recognise that if you are considering the option of moving into a more overt Christian area of service, there will undoubtedly be enquiries about the endorsement and counsel from your church leaders. So, it is always good to keep them aware of your thinking and allow them to support and encourage you through this time of transition.

Would my CV be helpful for the interview?
There are standard questions we ask when you get to the modules requiring interaction with an advisor, that provide the essential profile to enable this to take place. If supplementary details would be valuable when meeting with your advisor, they can be exchanged via the Internet quite simply.

Can I extend the service for further future consultations?
This is feasible. Naturally, it would depend on the outcome of the first consultation, and undertaken in agreement with the advisor concerned. A reduced fee for any subsequent consultations would be required.

I really need this service, but due to circumstances I cannot afford the fee. Is there another way?
(i) Concessions are available if we believe they are justified. If you wish to enquire about this, please contact the CV office by email at .
(ii) If you are struggling with this issue, we recommend you perhaps confidentially share this with those in leadership in your local church to see if there is a way they might assist you financially.
(iii) If, for any reason, you are moving on from your current job, and this is part of an exploration into something new, perhaps your current employer would be willing to cover the cost involved as part of a responsible 'exit package'. Do speak with them.

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