a personal consultation programme - helping you become more the person you were created to be

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designate (dez-zig-neit)
■   adj. appointed but not yet installed.
■   v. indicate as having some function.

Are you exploring who you are in God and where He might be leading you?

designate is a programme offering insight, help and advice for Christians who desire to examine their gifts, calling and options for the future in God’s service. It is our desire to help you become the person God created you to be, and have a confidence in the person he has made and gifted.

    The service includes:
  • one-on-one interview with a professional advisor
  • reflective exercises on gifts and abilities.
  • studies on guidance, gifts and calling

The fee for this service is 75
In certain circumstances concessionary rates are available.

When you register we will ask you to provide various bits of information to allow us to get an initial insight into you, your background, and specifically what you are seeking to explore at this time.
Once your registration has been received, someone will contact you to explain the process and answer any questions you might have, before seeking to link you with one of designate's professional consultants for an interview.

Reflective Exercises:
As part of this process, we will encourage you to complete a couple of simple exercises that examine your gifting and the occupational themes that fit you best.

Similarly, you are given the opportunity to download several PDF documents comprising of some biblically-based studies on issues such as gifts and guidance to help you in this time of reflection.

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