Mission Resource Pack

Mission Matters 2014is at the foundational publication of the Mission Resource Pack.
This is a remarkable introduction to opportunities for Christian service worldwide. Be inspired as you read about what is happening around the world, maybe find yourself challenged to consider your response. As well as articles and testimonies you will find information on most of the key Christian agencies, plus a sample listing of opportunities which these groups are keen to see filled at this time.

All the vacancy information is cross referenced by country / location, as well as by ministry category, which gives a quick reference showing which agency or organisation is seeking candidates in your area of expertise and interest.

The current edition of Mission Matters has been produced in partnership with Serving in Mission, WEC International and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

FREE as part of a Missions Resource Pack. Post & Packing only required.
Mission Resource Pack includes: Mission Matters+ Thinking about Mission (short study outline) + STS (Short Term Service) Directory + Sphere magazine + selection of Guidelines leaflets

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